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Be true to yourself girl. Keep your honey-tan glow and silky skin shimmering throughout the cold Winter season. True Girl Skin Care products are the best remedy for a balanced and beautiful face.

Firstly, begin with a soapy facial cleanser. Ideal for Teen skincare, True Girl Squeaky Clean Tangerine Dream Cleansing Wash helps reduce acne breakouts. The soapy wash with antioxidants and fruit extracts helps control oily skin. However, specific “non-drying” agents in the cleanser, also prevent dry skin.



Follow up a fresh-faced wash with True Girl Zingy Passion Fruit Toner Splash. The moisturizing spritz has all-natural and no harsh ingredients, including Vitamin B. Additionally, the toner has anti-inflammatory agents that reduce irritation due to acne and other teen skin conditions.



Lastly, soothe and moisturize your skin with True Girl Fresh Glow Tropical Punch Moisturizer. The supple cream protects skin from acne-causing dirt and soothes skin throughout the day. Not to mention, it gives your skin a healthy tropical glow.

A lovely addition to any teenage girl’s facial cleansing routine, True Girl is a great holiday gift. The Keep It Fresh Daily Ritual Kit contains all three products, including the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. So, cleanse away acne-causing bacteria, restore pH balance and zap zits away.


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