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Storm E Bike Watch Out, The New E-Bikes Have Arrived.

Err, we mean E-bykes. The new Storm E Bike, no–a better version of electric bikes. Electric motorcycle meets scooter bicycle? E moto electric bike? Let’s just skip the official name and just call it an electric bicycle-masterpiece and leave it at that.

The New Storm E Bike - Electric Bike

What we are trying to say is, with our e-bykes, you can snag yourself a seamless eco-friendly ride that’s perfect enough to replace your car and your bicycle. Not like the cheaply made and lower-priced competitors who claim to be able to give you the same quality for less but just a tiny scooter bike that can’t TRULY replace your car or bike.

The New Storm E Bike - Electric Bike

Like a Storm E Bike?

Yes, but definitely no. The first popular e bike was known as the Storm E Bike, and as shown here, you’ll see… we’ve come a long way. Our e-bykes are great for a commute around the city with a 22-25 mile average range and a 15 mph average speed. This is a show out in comparison as the basic range of smaller or cheaper e-bikes out on the market can’t go that many miles without a charge… which means… once you begin your fun, your baby bike runs out of charge. Bummer.

The New Storm E Bike - Electric Bike

Not with us… Our E-Bykes don’t run out that soon. You simply must take it for a test run.

Why Own a Folding E-Scooter Bike?

  • Convenient and yes it folds up and saves space
  • Get where you need faster maneuvering around traffic without the hassle of having to pedal at all. All the fun and no work!
  • All set and ready eco-friendly pals! This one is safe for the environment.
  • Our e-Eyke doesn’t depreciate in value, and it combines the practicality of replacing your car, but with the usability of getting around without the need for gas or expensive parking.  

The New Storm E Bike - Electric Bikes

Additional Stats

This E-Byke aka electric scooter is great for adults or kids and has amazing additional features:

  1. Bluetooth speaker
  2. USB Charger
  3. Front light
  4. Remote (Start/Alarm/Panic Button)
  5. Horn
  6. Front & rear disc brakes
  7. Cruise mode
  8. LED display dashboard screen that shows speed, battery level, mileage
  9. Phone charge
  10. Headlight
  11. Temperature range

With lots of fun when you ride!

The New Storm E Bike - Electric Bikes


How Can I Buy One?

Click here for more information.

Click here to purchase.

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