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Sometimes it’s hard to get through your days with confidence when you have your period on your mind. Unfortunately, women everywhere find themselves worrying on their heaviest period days. However, thanks to the Simple Necessit-Ease BFF Period Panties, work and play just got a lot easier with comfortable protection!




With a simple yet innovative design, these period panties offer unbeatable waterproof protection that blends right into the underwear. With only the utmost level of comfort integrated into the undies, you’ll never feel weighed down! This underwear is breathable with poly fabric liner that is integrated into their cotton fabric!


Keeping style in mind, the Simple Necessit-Ease Period Panties are made for women and girls who want to look and feel their best! These panties have sleek shapes for exceptional fit, like a comfortable bikini style cut. The undies are made of cotton and wash just like your regular cotton panties! They fit just like regular underwear, but with protection from your period in mind!




Unlike other period panties, these are made with high-quality cotton and a Lycra blend for memory retention. What’s more? Their innovative anti-leak coating in the center and rear that keeps any leaks in the underwear and not on your clothes!


Visit our Amazon store to buy yours today! These period panties come in two colors, black and natural, as well as a variety of sizes!

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