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Laguna Blue Towels are Seriously Everything For Summer

Laguna TowelLet’s start with the obvious. These Laguna Blue Towels are simply everything! Olympian Summer Sanders is in love with these, and so are we.

Microfiber TowelsLaguna Blue Antibacterial Microfiber Swim Towels are super fast drying. They’re compact, ultra-soft and incredibly light to carry anywhere! We can just see you with your Laguna Blue towels walking to and from the pool for your swim sessions! Score!

With amazing antibacterial technology, these towels are great for everything. We’ve sold out of our first batch, but we’ve just restocked! With Summer upon us, they’ll be ideal for the pool, gym, beach, swimming, backpacking, camping, or even a picnic with the kids.

They’re especially amazing for the “grab it and forget it” active lifestyle as they protect, warm, and have absorbing properties without feeling too heavy.

Laguna Blue Microfiber Towels

Soak Up The Sun with Laguna Blue Towels

Laguna Blue 100% microfiber towels are scientifically proven to reduce the spread of MRSA by 99.8% and can help you avoid getting sick this summer!


Compact – The Possibilities are Endless!

Because these gorgeously designed microfiber towels take up less space in your bag than a cotton towel, you can invest in even more. They’re great to have in your backpack for various trips such as hiking, fishing, boating, camping, gym, yoga, and traveling. The perfect towel for such chores like hair drying, as a floor or bath mat, cleaning cloth, wiping down the dishes, and even carrying in golf bags. 

Available in two unique patterns Laguna Blue towels are made in Summer Cabana Stripe (a fav of Olympian Sumer Sanders) and our own Summer Waterdrop, both fresh and boldly designed.

ECO-friendly and Perfectly Sized

Laguna Blue Swim towels are also energy efficient and eco-friendly. They dry twice as fast as cotton towels, require 50% less water to wash and don’t collect lint. The most superior towel ever, preferred over cotton towels for quick-dry activities–and especially for drying hair.

They’re sized: 32” x 64” for the ultimate dry-body experience!


You can purchase them: here.  Sharing is caring.

Laguna Blue Towels


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