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There’s nothing like a relaxing weekend morning with coffee, eggs, and what else? Bacon! The new BaconBoss easy to use microwave bacon tray gives you the healthier and crispier bacon you love!


Whether you want to make a weekend breakfast feast complete with your favorite meat, or you want a special workday breakfast, the BaconBoss is here to make your mornings better! This tray makes frying bacon efficient and tasty! Throw the BaconBoss into the microwave and just like magic, you’ll have bacon in no time! Furthermore, the easy-to-use tempered glass lid bacon press helps keep bacon flat. This makes for less shrinkage and more even cooking your delicious bacon! The pan traps and recirculates heat for faster-cooking bacon, which means you get the bacon you love without the mess!


Whether you’re in a rush to get out the door before work or just lounging around on a Saturday, no one wants to clean up the grease mess left behind from a pan! Lastly, with BaconBoss, there’s less grease AND it’s dishwasher safe! The extra grease and fat drain out effortlessly while the savory bacon flavor is locked in. Within a flash, you’ll have tasty bacon on your plate ready to eat!

Visit our Amazon store now to get your BaconBoss before it sells out! Have a happy breakfast!

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